Unexpected Cirebon After the closing ceremony of Asian Games, me and my friend decided to take a short vacation before starting work at the new place. Due to limited time and impromptu plans, we decided to go to Cirebon. It merely took around 3 hours from Jakarta - Cirebon by train. Previously, I had no idea about the tourist attraction in Cirebon. But after visiting Cirebon, I fell in love with the palaces in the city known as the city of small prawns. The Etymology of Cirebon Since initially most of the community's work was as fishermen, other jobs developed, such as fishing small shrimp along the coast which could be used for making shrimp paste. Then there is also the manufacture of "petis" and salt. The water used for making shrimp paste finally created the name "Cirebon" which came from Cai (water) and Rebon (rebon shrimp) which developed into the Cirebon nowadays. Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon Cirebon is one of the regions in the archipelago that has a long


Exceptional Yogyakarta~   Exceptional Yogyakarta! On my last business trip I got a chance to extend my weekend in Yogyakarta, just two days and even though that was not my first time visiting Yogyakarta, however it still really impressed me. FYI, Yogyakarta is one of the special regions in Indonesia. Well known as a scholar town and still well-maintained with the culture and custom. The first tourism place that me and clients visited was Keraton Yogyakarta. In this palace we were guided by a local guide that explained the brief history of Yogyakarta. Hereinafter, let's start the solo and brief escape journey! Keraton Yogyakarta   Ullen Sentalu Museum Woke up earlier to head up to my first list of the itinerary to go: Ullen Sentalu Museum in Kaliurang (about 30 minutes from downtown). This museum introduces the history of Keraton Solo and Yogyakarta. After the tour I decided to visit Djawa Bazaar & MUSE (souvenir shop) afterwards enjoyed my lunch in Beukenhof

Alam Ruang Manusia - Affandi Immersive

Temporary Exhibition     After being stopped since the Covid-19 pandemic, the temporary exhibition of the National Gallery of Indonesia was finally back offline. This time, the National Gallery of Indonesia was presenting an immersive exhibition that highlights the artworks of Indonesian painting maestro, Affandi. Affandi is one of the world figures of modern painters in Indonesia that adheres to the pure expressionism, but at first Affandi’s career shows his artworks in photographic realist painting which means that his painting is like a picture taken from a camera. He is often referred to as the representation of modern Indonesian art in the international art scene. He works and exhibits around Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali, as well as across continents by traveling around India, countries in Europe and America. He is actively involved in international prestigious art events such as the Sao Paolo Biennale, Venice Biennale, and World Expo '70 Osaka. His unique