Sabda Alam - Yun Artified Community Art Center

Temporer Exhibition “Without Yun, something written, cannot be called as calligraphy” - Yince Djuwidja During this new normal period, before entering the Yun Artified Community Art Center, visitors will be checked for body temperature and the footwear will disinfectant spray first.   Before entering the main gate of the exhibition room, visitors will see a row of Yun words and a number of statues in poses playing musical instruments such as in a music concert on the walls of the community art center building.   An exhibition that combines the workarts of students, teachers and professional artists. There are so many adventures of thought and meaning that could be explored. The “diverse” types of participants made a distinct impression. Some are studying for various purposes. There are those who want to develop their talents and hobbies. Some are doing some kind of self therapy. Arrived at the other destinations that might not be clearly seen or read.   In this exhibition th

Rayuan 100 Tahun Basoeki Abdullah

  Temporary Exhibition Do you like painting? Is there any painting that fascinates you? Do you have a favourite painter? All these questions made my mind turn to Basoeki Abdullah. Do you know who Basoeki Abdullah is? Basoeki Abdullah is one of the painting maestros in Indonesia. He was born in Central Java on January 27, 1915. His grandfather was Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo, a historical figure of the Indonesian National Awakening. From the age of 4, Basoeki Abdullah began to enjoy drawing people, including several famous figures such as Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi. The title as the painting maestro is not something that was given without any good reason to Basoeki Abdullah. Every person who became the object of his painting became more "beautiful" in his artwork, it could be said as a "beautification" technique. Basoeki Abdullah's painting center was Leonardo di Ser Piero Da Vinci. In general, Basoeki Abdullah's paintings are believed to be based on the pa


  Paris van Java as the Flower City What would you do if you were given a short break before a big event? The short escape (trip) that the first thing crossed in my mind at that time. Due to the short time I finally made a choice on a relatively close destination. Merely about three hours by car will arrive in Bandung. NuArt Sculpture Park and the Asian-African Conference Museum became my choice for the itinerary. NuArt Sculpture Park Located at the northern part of Bandung in West Java, NuArt Sculpture Park was first opened to the public in 2000. Like its name, NuArt Sculpture Park primarily exhibits the works of the sculptor Nyoman Nuarta that spans from the beginning of his career to the latest masterpieces. Believing in the essential purpose of freedom and open society without ignoring the role of nature and the environment, NuArt is a space that accepts differences and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, class, or creed. NuArt plans to have at least four significant ex