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Closer to the Ecuador

Closer to the Ecuador   Ecuador is a multidiverse country. Four natural regions weave its biological wealth: the Pacific Coast, with its abundance of seafood, welcoming sandy beaches and equatorial sun;   The Sierra, with snow-capped peaks and mountains, lakes and picturesque, towns where it seems that time has stopped, churches that have witnessed proclamation of freedom and the devout prayers of their parishioners in the cold early mornings; The Amazon, with the exuberance of its jungle, the mystery of the animals that inhabit it and the strength of its rivers of great flow as guardians of the original cultures that are nourished by it; and, The Galapagos Islands or insular region, known around the world for the beauty of its unique fauna and flora, an archipelago witness to   stories of survival, buccaneers and great historical and scientific significance, such as that of the visit of the Beagle, which allowed Charles Darwin to formulate his theory evolution of species i