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Melik Nggendong Lali

Visit the Exhibition then You Will Find the Title Meaning After the last visit artist Bambang Ekolojo Butet Kartaredjasa's first solo exhibition entitled Goro-Goro: Bhineka Keramik in 2017, this year Butet held another solo exhibition entitled Melik Nggendong Lali at the National Gallery of Indonesia from April 26th to May 25th 2024. In this exhibition, there will be a lot of use of the term wirid, what does it mean? Wirid Visual means accurately depicting the combination of the two things it intends. Melik Nggendong Lali is Javanese which means "If we already like or love something, we like to forget that something is not ours, we just take it." Meanwhile, according to Asmidjo J. Irianto's curatorial text, the brief meaning of Melik Nggendong Lali is to force and justify all means to achieve one's desires. Melik Nggendong Lali's work reflects material and worldly prosperity. The message is that forced material and worldly obsession is an action tha