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Day 1 Jewel Changi Airport The airport is connected to the shopping center that offers the indoor waterfall with a variety of shops, restaurants, plants and the most special is the Pokemon Center.   Day 2 Artscience Museum “There’s only one difference between art and science. In science, the Universe is in control. In art, you are.” - Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. “The welcoming hand of Singapore” with a shape resembling a lotus flower. Place where the art, science, culture and technology meet. It is at the intersection of art and science that innovation and new ideas are formed. Collaborators include: Mori Art Museum - Tokyo, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, TeamLab, and The British Museum - London.   Garden by the Bay - Flower Dome/Kubah Bunga “Where flowers never stop blooming”. Flower Dome consists of: Australian Garden, South African Garden, South American Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Olive Grove, Californian