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Batik Peranakan

Temporary Exhibition   “Chinese crossbreed community has an important role in the development of culture and batik industry in Indonesia, especially Java island. Historically the progress of the Chinese crossbreed community took place in stages so as to achieve a certain level of expertise and design choices. No wonder some of the batik products made by Chinese crossbreed batik entrepreneurs, known as Chinese Crossbreed Batik, are very well known for their smoothness, design, motifs and colors. For instance, batik products produced by batik companies Oey Soe Tjoen, The Tie Siet, Lie Boen Len, Tjoa Giok Tjiam and so on have become part of the important collections of various famous museums and collectors in Indonesia and abroad.” (William Kwan Hwie Liong)   Apart from the existence of batik as a cultural and industrial work that is spread in various countries, Indonesian batik is the only one that until now has gained international recognition. On October 2, 2009 Indonesian ba