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National Gallery of Indonesia Online Exhibition Another online exhibition in the National Gallery of Indonesia, as expected either online or offline the exhibition always satisfied. Sang Nym Kaler Sutama "Generasi Harapan" 56cm x 76cm 2021 Bali Chapter Representative   Everyone aspires for their generation to be better, so that later it will be useful for the family, nation and country. Damaring Febryasmoro "Big Family" 30×40 cm 2020 Lombok Chapter Representative   Family is the main key to rise, the perspective of a chicken group is something that could be followed by the protection of a life colony. Anita Govan "Enjoying the Sunshine" 38 x 56 cm 2020 South Africa   My understanding of Awaken. The pandemic has forced humankind to redefine its path. It has taught us to be mindful of our thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others as well as nature and not to take anything for granted. Our entire coexistence depends on a collective energy. We could