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National Museum of Indonesia

Permanent Exhibition What do you think at a glance when someone mentions a national museum? Perhaps it will be a huge place with a ton of the country's collections. Correct! In National Museum of Indonesia, you could explore anything regarding Indonesian culture and tradition, furthermore amazed with Indonesia magnificence. In terms of building structure, National Museum of Indonesia is divided into Building A and Building B. Furthermore, Building C is still under construction. As additional information, many people think this museum's name is Elephant Museum due to there being a small elephant statue in front of Building A, however the statue actually was a present from Thai King when visited Indonesia. Furthermore,  National Museum of Indonesia  attempted to change the image of the museum name. So that, in the middle of Building A and B there is Ku Yakin Sampai Disana Statue with a waveform made of bronze by I Nyoman Nuarta with the meaning of three dimensions of life tha