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Dua Arah

Virtual Exhibition   My paintings talk about something of my poetry, theater, graphics, or other art doesn't say. My painting says about lines, fields, colors, and lines. These visual elements are grown as their respective aesthetic functions are independent or related to each other. This is the direction in my painting. In essence, I questioning this visual element as something that is discussed in my painting. - Hardiman   It's kind of like using an inductive approach, that's how I work. Not guided by problems or goals, especially the form of goals that have been set from the very beginning. Once again I enjoy the process of creating, let every scratch, notch, and melt take its own form. I just need to bind and mark it into a unified form. Even if there is a tendency to be consistent or otherwise inconsistent in the form of expression, perhaps it is all a reflection of experiences, processes, and actions when I enjoy the journey of life which always has to be