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Sabda Alam

Temporer Exhibition “Without Yun, something written, cannot be called as calligraphy” - Yince Djuwidja During this new normal period, before entering the Yun Artified Community Art Center, visitors will be checked for body temperature and the footwear will disinfectant spray first.   Before entering the main gate of the exhibition room, visitors will see a row of Yun words and a number of statues in poses playing musical instruments such as in a music concert on the walls of the community art center building.   An exhibition that combines the workarts of students, teachers and professional artists. There are so many adventures of thought and meaning that could be explored. The “diverse” types of participants made a distinct impression. Some are studying for various purposes. There are those who want to develop their talents and hobbies. Some are doing some kind of self therapy. Arrived at the other destinations that might not be clearly seen or read.   In this exhibition th