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Exceptional Yogyakarta~   Exceptional Yogyakarta! On my last business trip I got a chance to extend my weekend in Yogyakarta, just two days and even though that was not my first time visiting Yogyakarta, however it still really impressed me. FYI, Yogyakarta is one of the special regions in Indonesia. Well known as a scholar town and still well-maintained with the culture and custom. The first tourism place that me and clients visited was Keraton Yogyakarta. In this palace we were guided by a local guide that explained the brief history of Yogyakarta. Hereinafter, let's start the solo and brief escape journey! Keraton Yogyakarta   Ullen Sentalu Museum Woke up earlier to head up to my first list of the itinerary to go: Ullen Sentalu Museum in Kaliurang (about 30 minutes from downtown). This museum introduces the history of Keraton Solo and Yogyakarta. After the tour I decided to visit Djawa Bazaar & MUSE (souvenir shop) afterwards enjoyed my lunch in Beukenhof