Exceptional Yogyakarta~


Exceptional Yogyakarta! On my last business trip I got a chance to extend my weekend in Yogyakarta, just two days and even though that was not my first time visiting Yogyakarta, however it still really impressed me. FYI, Yogyakarta is one of the special regions in Indonesia. Well known as a scholar town and still well-maintained with the culture and custom.

The first tourism place that me and clients visited was Keraton Yogyakarta. In this palace we were guided by a local guide that explained the brief history of Yogyakarta. Hereinafter, let's start the solo and brief escape journey!

Keraton Yogyakarta


Ullen Sentalu Museum

Woke up earlier to head up to my first list of the itinerary to go: Ullen Sentalu Museum in Kaliurang (about 30 minutes from downtown). This museum introduces the history of Keraton Solo and Yogyakarta. After the tour I decided to visit Djawa Bazaar & MUSE (souvenir shop) afterwards enjoyed my lunch in Beukenhof Restaurant & Cafe. Anyway, the visitor is not allowed to take any kind of picture without permission in this museum. Merely enjoy your tour with the local guide, I warrant the tour will be interactive and fun at the same time.


Museum Collections in the Waiting Room


In this photo spot, the collection made slant depict the decreasing interest in the younger generation of Javanese arts and culture.

Replica of Borobudur Temple Relief


The unique thing, in the middle of the tour, the visitor served with a glass of youthful drink concoction that was “Wedang Ratu Mas”.

Beukenhof Restaurant & Cafe’s Sight


Special remarks: It is highly recommended to use a private vehicle when visiting this museum. Thanks to kind-hearted local residents, I was able to return to the city safely.


For further information:

Website: www.ullensentalu.com 

Instagram: ullensentalu


The Site of Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko is located about 3 km from Prambanan Temple. Ratu Boko site is not actually a temple, but wreckage of the kingdom. Therefore, Ratu Boko Temple is often called Keraton Ratu Boko. It is called Keraton Ratu Boko, according to the legend, this site is the palace of Ratu Boko, Lara Jonggrang's father.

Ratu Boko from the Above View


For further information:

Website: www.borobudurpark.com/temple/ratu-boko/ 


Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. The original plan of Prambanan Temple is rectangular, consisting of an outer courtyard and three courts, namely Jaba (outer court), Tengahan (middle court) and Njeron (inner court).

Prambanan Temple


Actually, apart from the Ratu Boko Site and Prambanan Temple, there is also Borobudur Temple. However, due to limited time and having visited Borobudur Temple several years ago, I tried archery for the first time.


Beside physical exercise, several functions of archery as follows: increase patience and focus. Then the unique thing, the location is still in the Prambanan Temple area. Moreover, on another occasion I really wish to enjoy the Ramayana performance.



For further information:

Website: www.borobudurpark.com/temple/prambanan/

The House of Raminten

Based on a friend's recommendation, I finally decided to have dinner at the House of Raminten. The unique thing about this restaurant, I have to queue about 30 minutes to get a table. In addition, the waiter wears charming traditional Javanese clothes. And the surprising thing was there were horses in the stable opposite the restroom.

Iconic Statue in the House of Raminten


For further information:

Instagram: houseoframinten


Tempo Gelato

“The best gelato and sorbet in Yogyakarta with authentic and original recipes.” I think the slogan is appropriate for Tempo Gelato to use. Even though I am not a gelato lover, I gave a rating 10/10 for the gelato I tried at this gelato shop that was founded in 2015. Currently there are three branch outlets in Yogyakarta, looking forward to having a branch in Jakarta immediately too.

Tempo Gelato’s Logo


For further information:

Website: www.tempogelato.com

Instagram: tempogelato


Vredeburg Fortress

Vredeburg Fortress was first built in 1760 by order of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I and at the request of the Dutch government. The initial pretext for the purpose of building this fortress was to maintain the security of the palace. However, the real intention of the existence of this fort was to facilitate Dutch supervision of all activities carried out by the Yogyakarta Palace.


Initially this fortress was given the name as "Rustenburg" which means the fortress resting. Subsequently the name was changed to "Vredeburg" which means fortress of peace. Then in 1987, the new Vredeburg fortress museum opened to the public.

Vredeburg Fortress


For further information:

Website: www.vredeburg.id


Taman Sari Site

Taman Sari is a cultural heritage of the Yogyakarta Palace which was built during the reign of Sri Sultan HB I, in 1758. One of the beauty of Taman Sari Yogyakarta has a water pool surrounded by a 6 meter high fort. In ancient times Tamansari was used to bathe the wives of Sultan HB X.

Taman Sari Site


For further information:

Website: www.pariwisata.jogjakota.go.id/detail/index/67 


Sonobudoyo Museum

Sonobudoyo Museum was a foundation engaged in Javanese, Madurese, Balinese and Lombok culture. The museum building uses the former "Shouten" land, a gift from Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. Then at the end of 1974 the Sonobudoyo Museum was handed over to the Central Government / Ministry of Education and Culture.

Puppet Collection


For further information:

Website: www.sonobudoyo.com

Before returning home, I also visited the oldest traditional market in Yogyakarta, namely the Beringharjo market. Batik and pia are something that should not be forgotten from Yogyakarta.

On another occasion, I really hope to visit Affandi Museum and Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta. As a culture and art lover, Yogyakarta has made a deep impression on me, coupled with the really friendly local people.



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