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  Unexpected Cirebon After the closing ceremony of Asian Games, me and my friend decided to take a short vacation before starting work at the new place. Due to limited time and impromptu plans, we decided to go to Cirebon. It merely took around 3 hours from Jakarta - Cirebon by train. Previously, I had no idea about the tourist attraction in Cirebon. But after visiting Cirebon, I fell in love with the palaces in the city known as the city of small prawns. The Etymology of Cirebon Since initially most of the community's work was as fishermen, other jobs developed, such as fishing small shrimp along the coast which could be used for making shrimp paste. Then there is also the manufacture of "petis" and salt. The water used for making shrimp paste finally created the name "Cirebon" which came from Cai (water) and Rebon (rebon shrimp) which developed into the Cirebon nowadays. Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon Cirebon is one of the regions in the archipelago that has a long