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Kartun Ber(b)isik

Face Jokes in the Body of Truth "Face Jokes in the Body of Truth." Poland Novelist, Joseph Conrad. Cartoonists in this Kartun Ber(b)isik exhibition tried to put that jokes face. The face of the jokes probably can be called as critic. While the body of truth itself is the actual problem of this country. Through this exhibition, they want to remind the critic tradition in cartoon. They tried to display appropriately as "nowadays" spirit with the whole very fast changing. They also want to persuade millennial generation to criticize politely as a member of civilized society. They also want to persuade us to remember that nation's progress has positive and negative impacts. For that we need a wise way to through it. Conveying in the cartoon language may not be easy. As daily Kompas cartoonist GM Sudarta (deceased) said, sometimes the cartoon or caricature criticism less sharp. The sharp caricatures according to GM Sudarta is the caricatures that ma


A Dream of Water and Distance Antonella Pedetti – Galeri Salihara Rootless, having no roots. Somebody who has left her country, culture, traditions, family, and all what represents the essence of a person. Breaking your cultural roots implies losing the north on aspects that most of humans consider fixed. I went through a process losing these ties, to then find new grounds on where to build up my new cultural connections to my art. Like a tree, every person needs to have roots, to fuel its passion and creativity, and for an artist this is vital in the creation process. A person cannot grow roots in any place, he or she needs a fertile soil. I needed to create my own soil on and decided that it was to be set on a fluid, mobile place. ­- Rootless Introduction Catalogue Exhibition - Rootless – Exhibition that supported by Embassy of the Argentine Republic, Republic of Indonesia. Saturday, October 06, 2018 the opening exhibition started on 7 PM. I