A Dream of Water and Distance

Antonella Pedetti – Galeri Salihara

Rootless, having no roots.
Somebody who has left her country, culture, traditions, family, and all what represents the essence of a person.
Breaking your cultural roots implies losing the north on aspects that most of humans consider fixed. I went through a process losing these ties, to then find new grounds on where to build up my new cultural connections to my art.
Like a tree, every person needs to have roots, to fuel its passion and creativity, and for an artist this is vital in the creation process.
A person cannot grow roots in any place, he or she needs a fertile soil. I needed to create my own soil on and decided that it was to be set on a fluid, mobile place.
­- Rootless Introduction Catalogue Exhibition -

Rootless – Exhibition that supported by Embassy of the Argentine Republic, Republic of Indonesia. Saturday, October 06, 2018 the opening exhibition started on 7 PM. It was my first experience to attended the opening exhibition. Komunitas Salihara as exhibition organizer provided online booking reservation system, it was very easy accessible. The exhibition started from October 06 – 16, 2018 in Gallery of Komunitas Salihara.

Actually, that was my first time came to Komunitas Salihara. Komunitas literally means community and Salihara came from the name of the street where Komunitas Salihara located. This art center established since August, 08 2008. Komunitas Salihara consisted of four main buildings that are Salihara Theater, Salihara Gallery, Anjungan Salihara, and office space.

After the exhibition introduction the visitor will found 12 Capitulos as the first artwork. Capitulos means chapter from Spain language. You will see many figures in the artwork, mainly represented the women, as that character of the artist. The paintings became part of her pains, of her nostalgia, of her losses and victories, and therefore they become part of her person and she become part of her artwork. For more explanation, it was about the artist marriage, when she decided to move to other cities symbolize by woman was bringing her suitcase, then either when she felt too strong with the surrounded looked too small or felt too weak with the surrounded looked so big. This artwork was really captivating, beside the mini figures of the artwork looked really unique while that concept of mini figures inside the artwork will be appeared nicely several times in this exhibition.

12 Capitulos
50 x 50 cm
Mini figures, glass, sand, stamps, paper, wire, photos, clock, mini canvas, nails, acrylic cubes, acrylic on wooden box

FYI, acrylic means the plastic that the form looked like a glass, then the mean of resin is latex that produced by many kinds of plants especially by conifers tree.

My dreams became my real roots, and probably they were so, even before I became rootless.” -Antonella Pedetti-

According to the exhibition curator Asikin Hasan, artworks of Pedetti talks about bigger space and small scale as human being in the universe. This concept could be found in Dreams of Roots and Sawah artworks. Especially related to 12 Capitulos, the artist wants to spreading the main message of this exhibition that is to find your own way (dreams).

“Part of Dreams of Roots –
Twelve chapters of a woman’s life, different scenes of her own life and artistic journey.
60 x 120 cm
Acrylic, mini figures, and resin on canvas

“Part of Sawah (Rice Field)
60 x 120 cm
Acrylic, mini figures, and batik fabric on canvas

“Part of Life at the Rice Fields
170 x 150 cm
Acrylic, mini figures, and batik fabric on canvas

Six masks each representing a different place.
Montevideo (Uruguay), the place of birth, a simple pure mask; Buenos Aires (Argentina), where the artist universe is created; Wiesbaden (Germany), an expansion of the artist world and its mental discovery; Quito (Ecuador), a side move forward; Jakarta (Indonesia), the discovery of a new culture; Future, unknown and to be developed. This masks concept made me remember the similar concept of Cirebon mask culture, which is each step of life has a specific different mask to representing.

Six Faces of a City
280 x 200 cm
Batik fabric, acrylic, and resin

Postcard #1 – Wax Dreams, 2018

Postcard #2 – Ancient Dreams, 2018

Postcard #3 – Windy Roots, 2018

Postcard #4 – Wanita Regen –
(Woman in Bayern District, Germany
300 x 250 cm
Figure, resin, and ropes

“Antonella Pedetti records natural phenomenon from one continent to another. From there, she builds various images : imaginary lines, geometric fields, and coil shapes. Some remind us of the energy of the sea, rivers, mountains, forests, rice fields, waterfalls, rain, clouds, and so on. Others manifest in free and unique form, unexpected gifts obtained from the reality of nature itself.” – Asikin Hasan – In House Komunitas Salihara Fine Arts Curator (Rootless, in Scale and Spaces, Curatorial Notes).

My score for Rootless exhibition is 8.5, I spent around 55 minutes in this exhibition. This exhibition divided into two types of general artwork that are two dimensions (painting) and three dimensions (installation). The mini figures inside of the artwork concept was the first time I saw in the art exhibition, it means Rootless developed great innovation of the artwork. Then beside there was an exhibition catalogue, this exhibition also distributed four types of postcards consisted of the exhibition artwork picture for free to the exhibition visitors. The form of gallery for this exhibition was letter O with enough space for all opening exhibition visitors. The last, after enjoyed the exhibition and had a short interviewed with the artist, the visitor invited the visitors to going to the rooftop of Komunitas Salihara to chit – chat each other under the clear sky at that night.

Antonella Pedetti
Opening Rootless Exhibition – Galeri Salihara”

Rootless Exhibition Catalogue


Thank you for the reader of my blog and please waiting for the next post. 😊

- Antonella Pedetti-
Antonella Pedetti is a visual artist and architect born in Montevideo that grew up in Argentina, from Italian origin, with works that can be found in more than twenty cities in all five continents. Antonella grew up artistically between Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Quito, and Jakarta, and her work has been exposed and reviewed in Latin America and Europe, and now for the first time in Indonesia. She studied in Buenos Aires, at the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredon” and Architecture at the Buenos Aires University. Her style is in continuous evolution, as it is her context, that produces an incessant metamorphosis; a constant in her life. A lifelong relentless search to establish her own cultural background and heritage as painter and human being, her work is a manifest of the washing up of cultures into a new form of personal identity.

For further information :

Antonella Pedetti
Instagram : antonellapedetti_art

Komunitas Salihara
Jl. Salihara No. 16 RT.006/001
Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu
South Jakarta 12520

Bibliography :
·         Rootless exhibition catalogue
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·         Personal impression and experience
·         Salihara, Komunitas. “Tentang Kami l Salihara”. November, 05 2018.
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