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The Art Exhibition of National Collections - Menyigi Masa

The Art Exhibition of National Collections Menyigi Masa National collections art exhibition is one of the main exhibition programme that initiated and held by Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Direktorat Jenderal Kebudayaan, and Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. This exhibition showed state artwork collections of artistic produced by Indonesian artists which is managed and collected by institution all around Indonesia. This exhibition was held with purpose to publish the artwork of state collections and showed the wealth and treasure of the Indonesia especially through the artworks. Furthermore, also gave a chance to the public to be able to appreciate, well informed about state collections, and also get closer to the important figures in the development of Indonesia art history. "Menyigi Masa Exhibition is a very early effort of examine - investigate, note, weed, and explained - the artworks which is collected in various state institution, which can be noted as st

Into The Future - The Future Has Arrived!

Into The Future The Future Has Arrived! Yeayyy~~~! Today after I spent family time on my mother’s birthday lunch that postponed around one month, finally I have a spare time to do my me time. Even though almost a whole day was raining in Jakarta, I can’t back off my plan to go to Galeri Nasional Indonesia. I arrived around 4.15 PM at Galeri Nasional Indonesia and ready to pamper myself with beautiful artwork of Into The Future : The Future Has Arrived! collections. Due to this exhibition held on the main building of the gallery, so I thought I can had a huge expections of this exhibition. When the first time came to this exhibition, I saw the general introduction of the exhibition such as the whole exhibition schedule, the artists name and the title of their artworks then the introduction of the exhibition’s curators especially as following : The time called Future yesterday, has now arrived in the Present Day, and will be another Future hereafter. Amidst as era of tu