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Fernweh September 2023, morning with JAL to Tokyo, arriving at Narita International Airport in the afternoon not much time left on the first day in Tokyo. After checked in at the Kinshichou area, we headed to Yodobashi Akiba, special thanks to Hitoshi Arakawa san and Keiko Arakawa san who took the long journey to come to us at Yodobashi Akiba just to make sure we arrived safely. The Muscat grapes are also very sweet! Thank You. ♥ The second day we started our adventure to Harajuku, an area that must be visited by tourists, Omotesando with shops and interesting areas, and Shibuya of course to see the Hachiko statue. If I had to choose a favorite place I would choose Omotesando! The third day we visited one of the places that is said to be a must visit; Tsukiji Outer Market, in our opinion, is too busy and the taste of the food is so so maybe just visiting this place once is enough. Next we visited Ginza Six, one of the iconic malls in Ginza, the decoration was quite unique al