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Ulos, Hangoluan, & Tondi

A Life Journey Through the Threads The role of textile in Batak society from the private collection of Mrs. Luhut Pandjaitan What are you thinking about when someone asked you about Ulos? Yes, generally of us will directly relating this traditional textile with Batak society. ‘Ulos, Hangoluan & Tondi’ is the Batak traditional textile exhibition, where Ulos textile will be always exist in every stage of life of Batak society. Hangoluan and Tondi itself means life and soul, related to this exhibition that Ulos traditional textile can’t be separated from life and soul of Batak society. This exhibition held for 14 days September 20 th to October 7 th , 2018 at Textile Museum in Jakarta. Sunday, September 30 th , 2018 around 3.30 PM I arrived for the first at Textile Museum. This exhibition displayed around 50 collections with each collection is not less than 50 years. Ulos has a symbolic function that always be present in every aspect of Batak society, starts from the birt