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Goodbye, things

Japanese style minimalist living Fumio Sasaki Author who living in a small apartment in Tokyo with three shirts, four trousers, four pairs of socks, and little else. Is there happiness behind having less? Starting with Fumio Sasaki describing his former life as a maximalist and his journey to becoming a minimalist. About the contents of this book: Chapter 1: We will learn the definition of minimalism and its meaning if we choose to live this lifestyle. Chapter 2: We start to ask, why do we collect so many things? As well as considering our habits and desires as humans, including the meaning behind our objects. Chapter 3: Covers a number of basic rules and techniques for reducing the things we have. Chapter 4: Talks about the changes that the author personally experienced in the process of reducing possessions to the minimum amount. Chapter 5: Presents an explanation of why all these changes made the author happier and what the author learned in general about happiness. Minimalism as th