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Irisan #2 Sculptures Exhibition

  Virtual Exhibition   What do you think of sculpture? What type of sculpture do you like? What do you think when someone talks about sculpture? There is one name that always related to sculpture for me, Nyoman Nuarta. His artworks that are Ku Yakin Sampai Disana Statue at Museum Nasional Indonesia, Arjuna Wijaya Statue in Thamrin Jakarta main road moreover his sculpture park in Bandung which is NuArt Sculpture Park also really impressed me. Besides Nyoman Nuarta, I have also personally enjoyed one of the works of artist Yani Maryani Sastranegara at the exhibition of 100 Tahun Rayuan Basoeki Abdullah.  Apart from the artworks of Nyoman Nuarta and Yani Maryani Sastranegara, the artworks of other artists are also very interesting to be appreciated.   Wondering about the virtual sculpture exhibition at Andi's Gallery? Let's take a look at some of the collections on the screen. Nyoman Nuarta Victory Dance (2021)   Yani Maryani Sastranegara Free of Soul (2008