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Old Town

  Offline Exhibition   What do you think if there is a statement that one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Jakarta? The old town area has always been one of the mandatory destinations for both local and foreign tourists, especially for tourists who are interested in the town history. Let's start by exploring the Jakarta Historical Museum.   The stairs to the second floor gave an interesting impression to me. Due to the building's authenticity, it is expected not to use high heels. Furthermore, when arrived on the 2 nd floor of the Jakarta Historical Museum or better known as the Fatahillah Museum, my attention was immediately drawn to the painting on the top wall with a unique frame shape. The painting is divided into 3 large sections, with the center of the painting telling the story of King Solomon who was famous as a wise king. In the painting it is depicted that King Solomon ordered soldiers to cut a baby into two parts in order to find the baby's r