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Ink Transform

Offline Exhibition   Guo Peng’s Journey of Creative Exploration: An Assimilation of Traditional and Modern Ideologies 20 November – 20 December 2021   What description or imagination could you convey when you see this painting by Guo Peng? Personally, I see a mixture or amalgamation of several directions that give harmony such as harmony of life. This painting in general provides a picture of the ink transformation which is fits perfectly with the title of this exhibition. Guo Peng A Dream Chinese Ink on Rice Paper 215 x 114.5 cm   A dream? Dream while you were sleeping? Or dream of wishful thinking? What are you dreaming of? Guo Peng represents dreams in this painting. What do you think Guo Peng represents in the round yellow part of this painting?   Guo Peng Duck Knows the Breath of Spring First Chinese Ink on Rice Paper 215 x 548 cm   Can you find the duck in this painting? Anyway, the title of this painting feels so poetic to me. I thin