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  Sparkling City Surrounded by Light Our sixth day —> visiting Osaka! Osaka is famous as the kitchen of Japan, is it true that food in Osaka represents and has the best taste image in all of Japan? Let's find out together! After arriving in Osaka in the afternoon, our day was quite busy with visiting Osaka Castle, Shinsekai, and the Dotonbori area. After leaving our suitcases in the coin locker, we went straight to Osaka Castle. The road to the castle is quite far, like mostly historical places. On the way we saw a large heron on the riverbank which at the first sight we thought was a statue. After Osaka Castle we tried the 10 yen cake which doesn't cost 10 yen. We still continued the day by visiting Shinsekai. All the restaurants in this area have a very beautiful decorations. We tried takoyaki and okonomiyaki then also saw Tsutenkaku. After that we continued our journey towards the Dotonbori area, it turned out that this area was very close to the hotel we were