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Prince Diponegoro’s Heirloom – Pamor Sang Pangeran

Temporary Exhibition Prince Diponegoro (1785–1855), Sang Ratu Adil or ‘Just King’, was the eldest son of the King of Java, Sultan Hamengku Buwono III (reigned 1812-1814). Since he was young, Diponegoro was close to the lives of commoners and the disciples of pesantren (Islamic boarding schools). Starting from the prince’s anxiety regarding the condition of his environment, such as the disappearance of Javanese values and palace tradition due to the entry of European culture, Dutch interference in the internal affairs of the palace, tax collection that chokes people’s necks, until it reached its highest point when the Dutch planted stakes on the graves of Diponegoro’s ancestors in disdain for a road-building project, then the Java War broke out.   The Java War (1825-1830) witnessed how Diponegoro became a figure of war leader to be reckoned with. The Dutch made him their number one enemy because Diponegoro’s war tactics were able to make them upset and overwhelmed. The Java