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Pantjoran Tea House

Dedicated for tea lovers   PANTJORAN TEA HOUSE A Leaf of History “We built our tea house in the heart of old town Batavia (now Jakarta), the busiest trading port in Asia during the 17th – 18th century and the symbol of enterprise that nurtures the fighting spirit of Indonesia until today. In the capital of Indonesia that bustles with activity, we sought to provide a place of refuge for a man of any background to rejuvenate the soul.” – Pantjoran Tea House.   Today we will have a great tea journey with the peaceful ambience around one of main tourism destination in old town area. What will be pop up first in your top of mind when we talk about tea? Twinings or TWG? Neither the British nor Singaporean tea. There is no chamomile tea for today’s menu. Let’s try this Chinese traditional tea.   This building divided into two floors, the first floor there are tea ceremony table, tea shop gallery, and cashier spot with traditional drug store’s ornament. Move forward to the seco