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Adi Gunawan Story

  Virtual Exhibition   Have you been able to visit art exhibitions recently? Due to the uncertain condition of the pandemic, there are still many museums and galleries that are closed for an undetermined time. Do you miss visiting art exhibitions? At first the virtual exhibition was not very interesting, but this virtual exhibition exceeded my expectations.   According to Adi Gunawan, the artworks that he exhibits at Andi's Gallery represent the ideal woman according to his version with curly hair and a fat body. I strongly agree with Adi Gunawan's idea because there are no certain standards that every woman must fulfil to be considered to an ideal woman.   What kind of virtual exhibition does Adi Gunawan present at Andi's Gallery?     Want to take a closer look at the collection on display?   The Man from Tang 2020   Sound of Music 2007   Mother and Child 2011   Istri Manja 2007   Dream 2011   Although the l