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Adi Gunawan - Solo Exhibition #2

Virtual Exhibition   There is a close relationship between the satire Animal Farm by the famous British writer George Orwell (1903 – 1960) and the sculptures of Adi Gunawan. Both chose the language of metaphor, metonymy and equivalence. Adi Gunawan was born and grew up in an agrarian society which made him very attached to the animal world. Therefore, he is fluent in using a satire approach by borrowing the construction of various animal meanings to represent humans. Hardiman – Curator Yoga Series #3 (Padmasana) 2015   Siapa Lebih Cepat #6 2015   The Journey 2011   Hold Me Tight 2016   Enjoy Your Life 2020   The Ladder of Success #1 2013   Stay with Me 2020   Yoga Series #5 (Natarajasana) 2016   Seeing Adi Gunawan's Collection virtually made me more interested in yoga, Padmasana that is lotus position and Natarajasana that is Lord of the dance poses look really amazing. Metaphor, metonymy and equivalence whic