Into The Future - The Future Has Arrived!

Into The Future
The Future Has Arrived!

Yeayyy~~~! Today after I spent family time on my mother’s birthday lunch that postponed around one month, finally I have a spare time to do my me time. Even though almost a whole day was raining in Jakarta, I can’t back off my plan to go to Galeri Nasional Indonesia. I arrived around 4.15 PM at Galeri Nasional Indonesia and ready to pamper myself with beautiful artwork of Into The Future : The Future Has Arrived! collections. Due to this exhibition held on the main building of the gallery, so I thought I can had a huge expections of this exhibition.

When the first time came to this exhibition, I saw the general introduction of the exhibition such as the whole exhibition schedule, the artists name and the title of their artworks then the introduction of the exhibition’s curators especially as following :

The time called Future yesterday, has now arrived in the Present Day, and will be another Future hereafter. Amidst as era of turbulence, super-advanced technology, accelerated findings in science, and outer space travels, the female spirit is dynamically breaking through the shackles of before.

In such situation, twenty-one selected women artists are exhibiting their works. Besides themes distressing the private lives and the global community, the artists present their works in a non-frontal manner: on one hand the sharply pinpoint issues, on the other hand they show an ultimate subtlety denoting hope for a better life.

Applying open source technique, advanced findings in science, and infused with the female spirit, they signify the present time and the coming era, establishing yet another kind of new art, that we may name “NOW ART”.

Participants are young women artists aged between 28 and early forties. Their works consist of installation art, using lino cut, sound, light, video preojections, mixed and multimedia, glass, textile, hydrophilic gauze cotton, ceramics, water color, iron plate and tree branches. – Carla Bianpoen & Citra Smara Dewi, Curators.

From 21 artists who display their artwork collections, I’ve decided to more explore five artwork collections of four artists from Bandung and Jakarta.

This is the first collection of this exhibition. Based on the gallery staff’s information, this installation is the masterpiece of the exhibition on his opinion. Identification and how we looked through other’s gaze could be an important thing for someone. In this artwork the artist wants to forward the view and perspective of herself through “Gaze” concept and background.

“Ways of Seeing”
Erika Ernawan
Digital Print on Perspex
255 x 165 x 75 Cm

Clock which is a measuring device and a marker of time, nowadays has become an object that is analogous to something that pursues people especially for the urban society. Wall installation of clockwises gave the intention of opinion that yesterday and today just have one second difference. How about you? What’s your opinion about the “clock”?

“Speculative Present”
Maradita Sutantio
Installation & Mixed Media

This artist who is much inspired by the power of the light and colors wave often use numbers in her artwork title. 31.83 is the slope degree of the rainbow and the numbers inside the bracket are the coordinates of Jakarta. How unique and intelligent way of giving artwork title, right?

31.85 (6.21462.106.84513)
Syagini Ratna Wulan
Lacquer Paint on Plexi Glass

This artwork illustrated a more realistic the representation of the city. Description of the future city that is very likely to be occur, which is not too much different from what we are living now. This artwork is one of my favourite which looked like a billboard with very attractive color. Looked really eye-catching from a distance then with the deeper message when you get closer to the artwork.

The Future is Abandoned
Sanchia Tryphosa Hamidjaya
Digital Print on Fabric, Lightbox Display, LED Light
350 x 100 Cm

Actually, I was not have a big intention of this collection at first. Then because of the gallery staff informed me that one of MACAN Museum staff who came to this exhibition was really excited with it, I started wondering about the special message of the artwork. This collection is the personal answer of the artist. The guilty because of treat the plastic as disposable item without any feeling. The artist considered the artwork with emotional relation such as a wedding dress then sew and iron it carefully for finally hang it elegantly.

Undisposable Guilt
Sanchia Tryphosa Hamidjaja
Variable Sizes, Mix Media

Finally after spent around 75 mins. walking around I saw the last artwork collections of the exhibition. Before I leave the gallery, I just realized that the programme book gave to me by the gallery staff was not give to all the exhibition visitor. When the I filled the guest book on the receptionist desk he was greeting me “Hey, long time no see! This is the exhibition catalogue.” I’ve talked to him in the previous exhibition and he still remember me. Thanks Wahyu for this book!

Programme Book

On the sixth day of the exhibition which is inaugurated by Mr. Triawan Munaf as BEKRAF Minister, the gallery staff informed me if the total amount of the exhibition approximately one thousand visitors reached. There are eleven days remain of the exhibition will be held, so don’t hesitate to come this amazing exhibition and join to feel the women’s power! Thank you and see ya on the next post. 😊

– Today is yesterday’s future and will be tomorrow’s past – Carla Bianpoen & Citra Smara Dewi


Public Education Programme
Indonesian Women Artist : Into the Future
Tuesday, February 26th 2019 – March 16th 2019
A Building, Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Tuesday, February 26th 2019 :
§      “Into the Future” Pers Conference and Press Tour
§      Book Launching & “Into the Future” Exhibition Opening

Friday, March 1st 2019 :
§     Book Review

Saturday, March 2nd 2019 :
§     Curatorial Tour

Saturday, March 9th 2019 :
§     Curatorial Tour
§     Art Talk

Thursday, March 14th 2019 :
§     Discussion

21 Artists :
Andrita Yuniza OrbandiMenganyam Sendi-sendi Diri
Ayu Arista MurtiEmbryo Harapan
Cecilia Patricia UntarioSilent 2
Dita GambiroDistorted Reality
Erika ErnawanWays of Seeing
Etza MeisyaraOde to my Homeland
Elia NurvistaFruchtline
Fika Ria SantikaTumpuk Lapis Tampak Isi : Limpapeh 3
Irene AgrivinaTajin
Kinez RizaEarth Echoes
Maharani MancanagaraLooking Back to the Future
Natasha TonteyFrom Pest to Power
Maradita SutantioSpeculative Present
OctoraKuburan kata & Puisi Baru untuk Esok Hari
Prilla TaniaDemokratisasi Karbohidrat
Restu RatnaningtyasInvisible Boundaries
Sanchia Tryphosa HamidjajaThe Future is Abandoned
Tara Astari KasendaSous Les Cumulus Homilis
Theresia Agustina SitompulMenabur Benih
Syagini Ratna Wulan31.85 (6.21462.106.84513)
Yaya SungLiberty Markers, An Entity 100 Years Away

For further information :
Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14, Jakarta 10110

Social Media :
Twitter : @galerinasional_
Facebook : Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Instagram : galerinasional

Bibliography :
Into The Future exhibition poster & programme book
 Personal photos and documentation
 Personal impression and experience


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