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Temporer Exhibition

“Without Yun, something written, cannot be called as calligraphy” - Yince Djuwidja

During this new normal period, before entering the Yun Artified Community Art Center, visitors will be checked for body temperature and the footwear will disinfectant spray first.


Before entering the main gate of the exhibition room, visitors will see a row of Yun words and a number of statues in poses playing musical instruments such as in a music concert on the walls of the community art center building.


An exhibition that combines the workarts of students, teachers and professional artists. There are so many adventures of thought and meaning that could be explored. The “diverse” types of participants made a distinct impression. Some are studying for various purposes. There are those who want to develop their talents and hobbies. Some are doing some kind of self therapy. Arrived at the other destinations that might not be clearly seen or read.


In this exhibition there are about 50 wonderful experiences. This amount is considered sufficient if it is used as a means of learning to the experience or to learn from the others experiences. The pandemic atmosphere, the global crisis of political turmoil, humanitarian conflicts, whether occurring at home or abroad, might not or have not ended. However, art is actually able to refrigerate the atmosphere. Right now we are seeing, hearing and witnessing the "Word of Nature" (reality of events, momentum) about a vulnerable world. These painters were successful in showing it all beautifully. So, stay alert, because nature is testing our patience and strength. - Writer Mikke Susanto

Sumi Lee - Passion

Arcylic on Canvas

100 x 200 cm

Oklee Valent Wu - Grinch Castle

A little evil grinch waiting for Christmas

Arcylic on Canvas

70 x 110 cm

Jessica Tjoe - Kinugawa Onsen, Niko, Japan

Acrylic on Canvas

120 x 80 cm

Yanni - Pink Bird on Branch

Acrylic on Canvas

40 x 40 cm

Iegreat - Warmth

Oil on Canvas

40 x 40 cm

MURI Record for Highest Chinese Script Calligraphy

Dedy Sufriadi - Re-Reading 4.20

Mixed Media on Canvas

150 x 250 cm

Dedy Suherdi - He is Risen!

Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 100 cm

Emily - Dream

Acrylic on Canvas

40 x 40 cm

Yince Djuwidja - Rising Above the Sinful

Acrylic on Canvas

200 x 100 cm

Yoseph Agustomo - Panjat Teman

Acrylic on Canvas

300 x 100 cm

Could you feel the passion of Sumi Lee's paintings?


How could an elementary school student - Oklee Valent Wu could produce the Grinch Castle?


Although they don’t know each other and don’t paint together, Yanni's paintings - Pink Bird on Branch and Iegreat - Warmth with the same theme could coexist in great harmony.


After appreciating the student paintings who participated in the workshop at the Yun Artified Community Art Center, it is not surprising that the artworks of the teacher Dedy Suherdi - He is Risen! and the artwork of the founder of Yun Artied Community Art Center Yince Djuwidja - Rising Above the Sinful are stunning.

Zheng Lu weaves small pieces of calligraphy letters from stainless steel into a kind of sheet which is then shaped into a structural sculpture that breaks through the space boundaries. - Curated by Jim Supangkat

The unique and interesting thing about this community art center building is that there are a series of structural sculptures starting from the middle of the swimming pool in front of the building that resembles a water splash, then continuing to the ceiling of the wall before entering the building, followed by carvings on the main door handle and no less striking the ceiling inside the building that visitors could see from the ground floor to the fourth floor of the community art center. It would not be wrong for curator Jim Supangkat to say that this series of structural sculptures by Zheng Lu breaks through the space boundaries.

Yun Artified Community Art Center's collection and exhibition space

One side of the Yun Artified Community Art Center workshop room on the 4th floor. There are painting, sculpting and calligraphy workshops, for the latest workshop schedule, please kindly check with the Yun Artified Community Art Center first.

Feel like doing yoga meditation?

Yes, that's what I thought about the last spot on this visit to the Yun Artified Community Art Center. The breeze makes me want to stay a little longer in this place.

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