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Another online exhibition in the National Gallery of Indonesia, as expected either online or offline the exhibition always satisfied.

Sang Nym Kaler Sutama

"Generasi Harapan"

56cm x 76cm


Bali Chapter Representative


Everyone aspires for their generation to be better, so that later it will be useful for the family, nation and country.

Damaring Febryasmoro

"Big Family"

30×40 cm


Lombok Chapter Representative


Family is the main key to rise, the perspective of a chicken group is something that could be followed by the protection of a life colony.

Anita Govan

"Enjoying the Sunshine"

38 x 56 cm


South Africa


My understanding of Awaken. The pandemic has forced humankind to redefine its path. It has taught us to be mindful of our thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others as well as nature and not to take anything for granted. Our entire coexistence depends on a collective energy. We could learn much from the behaviour of the meerkats. They are said to be symbols of awareness and intelligence. Meerkats depend on the group for their survival. The alert nature and swift movement of the meerkat has always attracted my attention. I was inspired by the way the sun enveloped this beautiful creature.

Veneta Docheva

"The Poetry of the fall"

56 x 38 cm




Goh Shu Laang

"Seize the Day"


38 x 56 cm



Khoo Cheang Jin

"Hope after Prayer"





Silvia Neiger

"Light of Life"

39 x 56 cm




Tere Lojero

"The Sun Is Rising"

38 x 56 cm




Dewa Agung Mandala Utama

"Hope for Better"

30 x 42 cm



Currently the world is experiencing a pandemic caused by the covid-19 virus outbreak, we start with a new lifestyle by always implementing health protocols, namely 3M. This pandemic has an impact on all aspects ranging from the market economy, tourism, education, and religious ceremonies. Bali began to feel the pandemic in early 2020, precisely as it approached the Nyepi day in March, the melasti tradition at that time was only carried out by a few traditional leaders in each village. We as Balinese people felt at that time that the world had to stop for a moment from industrial activities that had such a transparent impact on the earth. However, the barriers of this pandemic are not subsiding day by day and even now it is getting louder, the moral degradation could be seen from social media.


In this work, I visualize religious leaders (stakeholders) who are offering devotional service in the hope that this pandemic will pass quickly. In Bali, the stakeholder is a holy person who acts as the person who holds the people together with the Creator. When there are religious ceremonies such as odalan and sacred ceremonies in every house of the Hindu community in Bali, stakeholders will be present as intermediaries which are offered by the people in the form of offerings to the Creator. This belief cannot be eliminated even during this pandemic outbreak. More and more people are getting used to the pandemic and this new lifestyle, awakening the humility to always take care of each other so that traditions and beliefs do not degrade.


Gugun Insan Kamil

"Penari Topeng"

75 x 56 cm



Penari Topeng are dancers' painting that tell about the awareness that we are returning to the cultural roots of the archipelago. The identity that almost began to be forgotten. Hopefully it will inspire the awareness of the Indonesian people.


Yoyo Hartanto

"Gedung ISOLA-UPI Bandung"

36 x 55 cm



The Isola building was built during the Dutch East Indies era in 1932 by an architect named Dominique Willem Berretty.


Yendrawan Husada

"Legenda Jaka Tarub"

46 x 61cm



Painted on Bao Hong 300 gsm, cold press. Watercolor: Daniel Smith.


Galuh Tajimalela

"In Front of the Banteng Hunt"

57 x 57cm



This painting tells of the figure of Raden Saleh posing in front of his own painting, which is a picture of an artist in the current digital social media era, more convincing to the public that his personality must be more popular than his painting, so that the promotion power is faster.

Nanang Widjaya

27.5 x 76 cm



The old city of Semarang has many old buildings that are very historic and have been restored to be returned to their original design and shape, which are very ancient and historic. I am very interested in being re-drawn from various angles and forms that are very beautiful both in terms of lines, shapes and history.


Pingki Ayako Saputro

"Literally Awaken"

56 x 76 cm


Tells about one’s condition on this ‘2nd wave Pandemic’, who just got ‘awaken’ (motivated to do something), after spending time surrounded by coziness during the First Wave.

The various exhibition patterns that have been held by the National Gallery of Indonesia always give a unique impression of their own, sometimes also giving surprises that are very far from what I could imagine. Perhaps it's due to that pleasant feeling that I always want to come back to visit the National Gallery of Indonesia.


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