Melik Nggendong Lali

Visit the Exhibition then You Will Find the Title Meaning

After the last visit artist Bambang Ekolojo Butet Kartaredjasa's first solo exhibition entitled Goro-Goro: Bhineka Keramik in 2017, this year Butet held another solo exhibition entitled Melik Nggendong Lali at the National Gallery of Indonesia from April 26th to May 25th 2024.

In this exhibition, there will be a lot of use of the term wirid, what does it mean? Wirid Visual means accurately depicting the combination of the two things it intends.

Melik Nggendong Lali is Javanese which means "If we already like or love something, we like to forget that something is not ours, we just take it."

Meanwhile, according to Asmidjo J. Irianto's curatorial text, the brief meaning of Melik Nggendong Lali is to force and justify all means to achieve one's desires.

Melik Nggendong Lali's work reflects material and worldly prosperity. The message is that forced material and worldly obsession is an action that distances itself from spiritual values ​​and is dry of the spiritual.

On a final note, visual wirid which is a personal spiritual practice is part of artistic expression and can be said to be something new in contemporary Indonesian art.

One of the artworks that immediately attracts attention from the entrance is a statue with a long nose reaching to the ears with the interpretation of "Permanent Deafness".

This exhibition is divided into several sub-sections, as follows:

If you look at the wirid on the canvas, the patterns on the 53 paintings are not ordinary patterns, but come from the word of Nusantara and the name of the artist himself.

Furthermore, in ceramic works, artworks made from 2018 - 2022 with a total of 20 artworks.

Next is the wirid on metal with a total of 11 artworks, using various materials ranging from copper, nickel-plated iron, starting from 2022 to 2023, in my opinion the work made of copper "Kesuburan Nusantara 1" can be said to be one of the masterpieces in this exhibition.

Continuing with stone and wood wirids, with a total of 2 artworks created in 2023, namely Wirid Cinta and Wirid Nusantara 1.

It ended with wirid on cloth, with a total of 10 artworks made in 2022 in the form of embroidered cloth. The work "Mengendalikan Keserakahan" seems to be the highlight the increasingly messy state of the world.

Guess it out this several artworks included which one of the exhibition sub-sections?

Arsip-arsip Doa: Wirid Visual
2022 - 2024

Jelmaan Kesombongan (2024)

Kesuburan Nusantara 1

Kerdil Melawan

Wirid Cinta

Dewi Pemandu

Menyembah Idola

Kepalamu Apiku 3 (2021 - 2022)
Koalisi Indonesia Mundur (2021)

Maju Serempak (2022)
Bertengger di Puncak (2023)
Sebuah Peringatan (2023)

Tokoh Penebusan

“Be a person who can be trusted. Because life is really just caring for and maintaining trust!!!" - Butet.

About Bambang Ekolojo Butet Kartaredjasa:

Artist born in Yogyakarta in 1961.

From the Koma Theater to the television program "Sentilan-Sentilun" which became "Republik Sentilan Sentilun". There is also the book "Presiden Guyonan". Now, since his father died, he leads the Bagong Kussudiardja Foundation.

According to the artist, all the artistic activities he pursues are merely tools for a wider field of service, to glorify humans, humanity and life.

What do you think regarding this exhibition?

Comments below and tell me your impression.


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