Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Finally, in December 2023, the Warner Bros studio film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom can be watched after several broadcast delays.

Like superhero films in general, this film features a storyline and ending that is a little be cliche but still worth to be appreciating.

Tells the story of Arthur who has to live two lives as a husband and father on the land and of course as king of Atlantis at the sea.

However, this peaceful life did not last long, far away on earth in the snowy land, Black Manta still has a deep grudge against Aquaman for killing his father.

To take the revenge, he and his team continue to try to find weapons to destroy Aquaman and Atlantis.

Black Manta unexpectedly finds a powerful trident which makes him very strong.

Controlled by the trident, Black Manta came to Atlantis to approach Aquaman.

At that moment Aquaman realized that the current Black Manta was much stronger than before.

Unable to face Black Manta alone, Aquaman knows exactly who can help him. Until he freed Orm, who was his younger brother and enemy, from prison.

How will the relationship between Aquaman and Orm continue?

Can this duo beat Black Manta?

What is the secret behind the trident and what does it have to do with the lost kingdom?

Don't miss Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on your weekend with family.


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