Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Finally, in December 2023, the Warner Bros studio film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom can be watched after several broadcast delays. Like superhero films in general, this film features a storyline and ending that is a little be cliche but still worth to be appreciating. Tells the story of Arthur who has to live two lives as a husband and father on the land and of course as king of Atlantis at the sea. However, this peaceful life did not last long, far away on earth in the snowy land, Black Manta still has a deep grudge against Aquaman for killing his father. To take the revenge, he and his team continue to try to find weapons to destroy Aquaman and Atlantis. Black Manta unexpectedly finds a powerful trident which makes him very strong. Controlled by the trident, Black Manta came to Atlantis to approach Aquaman. At that moment Aquaman realized that the current Black Manta was much stronger than before. Unable to face Black Manta alone, Aquaman knows exactly who can help him. Until he free

The Boy and The Heron

Each person's experience of grief can make a different emotions and is very difficult to describe in words. Mahito, the main character in this film, is depicted as experiencing deep sorrow after losing his mother. Starting a new life with his father and moving into the house of his stepmother who will soon give him a younger sibling quite the opposite makes him experience various strange moments. The talking heron, the appearance of many frogs and the illustration of the “baby to be” are expressed in a unique way. Mahito's journey to "another world" is also given various neat animations like other Studio Ghibli films. Compared to several Studio Ghibli films that I have watched; Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Kiki's Delivery Service, this Studio Ghibli film gives a different impression. Whether you have watched a Studio Ghibli film or not, I highly recommend watching The Boy and the Heron especially because of its unquestionable an

Top Stories about Art, Beauty, and Japanese Doll

Ningyo Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls The Japan Foundation Travelling Exhibition Organized by: The Japan Foundation Supervised by: Hayashi Naoteru (Japanese doll culture research institute) & Mita Kakuyuki (Tokyo National Museum) In Jakarta 06 - 24 July 2023 09:00 - 19:00 WIB Galeri Nasional Indonesia “Japanese doll as the prayer for children development, Japanese doll as the art and Japanese doll as the folk art.” Dairi-bina (Imperial couple) Mochizuki Reikou 2020 These are the main dolls used in the Hina Matsuri festival celebrated on March 31 to pray for the happiness of female children. Here. Dairi refers to the palace which the Emperor resides in. Accordingly, the Hina Ningyo (Girls' Festival dolls) representing the Emperor and Empress are called Dairi-bina. Dairi-bina generally depict the Emperor and Empress of the Edo period (1603-1868), while the clothing worn by the dolls shown here is designed after that worn by the current Emperor and Empress durin

Goodbye, things

Japanese style minimalist living Fumio Sasaki Author who living in a small apartment in Tokyo with three shirts, four trousers, four pairs of socks, and little else. Is there happiness behind having less? Starting with Fumio Sasaki describing his former life as a maximalist and his journey to becoming a minimalist. About the contents of this book: Chapter 1: We will learn the definition of minimalism and its meaning if we choose to live this lifestyle. Chapter 2: We start to ask, why do we collect so many things? As well as considering our habits and desires as humans, including the meaning behind our objects. Chapter 3: Covers a number of basic rules and techniques for reducing the things we have. Chapter 4: Talks about the changes that the author personally experienced in the process of reducing possessions to the minimum amount. Chapter 5: Presents an explanation of why all these changes made the author happier and what the author learned in general about happiness. Minimalism as th

Statue 4 Heroes Gallery

Statue Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters in Town’s Gallery   Lotte Mall Jakarta Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio Kav 3 – 5, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta 10:00 - 21:00 WIB This time we visited a gallery with a different "feel", this time the gallery was dominated by a collection of sculptures and several collections of paintings. If the statue collection in the gallery is generally artsy & abstract and the museum generally contains historical statues, the statue collection in this gallery is of famous figures such as Minions, One Piece, Transformers (Dark of the Moon) – Jetwing Optimus Prime Bonus EDT, Marvel characters – Captain America, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, there is also Ultraman, Kinnikuman and Mai Shiranui – King of Fighters.   This gallery is located in one of the malls in downtown Jakarta so it can operate until the evening according to the mall's operating hours. Try to compare it with galleries or museums which are usually only open until the af

Closer to the Ecuador

Closer to the Ecuador   Ecuador is a multidiverse country. Four natural regions weave its biological wealth: the Pacific Coast, with its abundance of seafood, welcoming sandy beaches and equatorial sun;   The Sierra, with snow-capped peaks and mountains, lakes and picturesque, towns where it seems that time has stopped, churches that have witnessed proclamation of freedom and the devout prayers of their parishioners in the cold early mornings; The Amazon, with the exuberance of its jungle, the mystery of the animals that inhabit it and the strength of its rivers of great flow as guardians of the original cultures that are nourished by it; and, The Galapagos Islands or insular region, known around the world for the beauty of its unique fauna and flora, an archipelago witness to   stories of survival, buccaneers and great historical and scientific significance, such as that of the visit of the Beagle, which allowed Charles Darwin to formulate his theory evolution of species i