Dua Arah

Virtual Exhibition   My paintings talk about something of my poetry, theater, graphics, or other art doesn't say. My painting says about lines, fields, colors, and lines. These visual elements are grown as their respective aesthetic functions are independent or related to each other. This is the direction in my painting. In essence, I questioning this visual element as something that is discussed in my painting. - Hardiman   It's kind of like using an inductive approach, that's how I work. Not guided by problems or goals, especially the form of goals that have been set from the very beginning. Once again I enjoy the process of creating, let every scratch, notch, and melt take its own form. I just need to bind and mark it into a unified form. Even if there is a tendency to be consistent or otherwise inconsistent in the form of expression, perhaps it is all a reflection of experiences, processes, and actions when I enjoy the journey of life which always has to be

Tracing History – FX Harsono

Virtual Exhibition   Born in Blitar, East Java in 1949, FX Harsono is a living legend and one of the central figures in Indonesia art scene for over 40 years. He is also one of the founders of the Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (GSRB) and the Desember Hitam movement. His works of art always touch social issues in Indonesia.   Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (GSBR) is a movement that emerged from a desire to experiment in the art world more freely without standard ties. Meanwhile, December Hitam was a protest movement by signing a joint statement by 14 young painters in 1974. Eight months after the December Hitam movement, the Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (GSBR) emerged in August 1975 and disbanded in 1979.   Moreover Harsono’s works have been acquired in public collections including Singapore Art Museum; National Gallery of Singapore; National Gallery of Victory, Melbourne; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan; Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia; National Gallery of Adelaide, Canberra, Aus

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Online Exhibition   This exhibition is an online exhibition? After being able to attend offline exhibitions at several museums and galleries in Jakarta, it turns out that online exhibitions also have their own uniqueness. What do you think?   Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA, has a comprehensive collection of cultural heritage from around the world for over 5,000 years, from prehistoric times to the present day. In this exhibition, 65 masterpieces of gems selected from the collection of about 2,500 paintings belonging to the European painting department (46 of which will be exhibited for the first time in Japan) will be exhibited from the 17 departments that make up the museum. From early Renaissance paintings of the 15th century to Post-Impressionists of the 19th century, masterpieces of masters who have colored the 500-year history of Western painting will come to Japan at once. From Hula Angelico, Raffaello, Cranach, Tiziano, El Greco, Car


  Online Exhibition   Does anyone have feedback regarding the meaning of the word Poros which is used as the title of this online exhibition? Leave your message in the comment column. Back to the online exhibition held by the National Gallery of Indonesia. Has anyone seen this work? Yes, this is one of the artworks in the Jakarta History Museum. Here are some more artworks, enjoy! Tugu Pedang Contributor: Alhendra Daulay Artwork Location: Jambi   Tugu Pedang (Sword Monument) built in 2018, located in Merangin, Sumatra. The construction costs 1.1 billion rupiah from the Merangin district budget. The meanings contained in the Tugu Pedang are: §   The unsheathed straight sword is a typical weapon of the ancestors of the Merangin people in ancient times. §   The yellow ornate crown under the sword shows that the Merangin people have 24 sub-districts. §   The 4-sided wings under the crown symbolize the wings of the Kuau bird (a bird-like animal typical of the Mer