Museum Cake

Temporary Exhibition

Art: 1 New Museum

Art: 1 is a gallery space & commercial exhibition dedicated to contemporary paintings & sculptures. Art:1 formerly known as Mon Decor Gallery (est. 1983) was the pioneer in the art gallery business in Jakarta. For your information, this art space was recognized as The Best Gallery Of The Year Award 2010.

In front of the Art: 1 New Museum

When the first time arrived at this museum, the building looked as common as the surrounding buildings, however surprisingly when getting inside there was an art installation that looked like some people were working on the building construction.

Art: 1 New Museum’s Collection

There is a car inside the museum! Yes, a car, not in the car parking or basement but beside the receptionist desk. Yellow car that looked really unique with round circle form.

For the first floor there were several painting collections; Japanese and Indonesian women with traditional clothes, furthermore there was another iconic art collection that were women sitting down on the some color chairs with their high heels that lined up on the bridge that connected to the second floor.

Museum Cake

These sweet works are the work of Osamu Watanabe, an artist from Japan who held his first solo exhibition in Indonesia.

The exhibition showcases mouth-watering resin works, as colorful as the original cake and sweets. Some of it is formed like a yellow bird figure decorated with pink ribbon and chocolate candy, white deer with pancake and cupcake decoration, black and white sheep decorated with waffle and ice cream, colorful unicorn, and the turtle decorated with “candies house shell”.

There were also some artworks of the paintings from combinations of ice cream, cake, and many kinds of sweets.

For further information:

Art : 1 New Museum

Jl. Rajawali Selatan Raya No. 3, Gn. Sahari Utara, Jakarta 10720


Social Media:


WhatsApp: +62857-1841-0938

Instagram: art1newmuseum

Osamu Watanabe:


Instagram: w_osamu

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