Literasi Lukisan Menjawab Pandemi by Syafruddin Nisyam

 Temporary Exhibition

Exhibition in the library? Is this an art exhibition or would it be a book fair? That's what people perhaps think when they hear there is an exhibition at the national library. Turns out there's an exhibition space in this national library. This is my first time visiting this place. Anyway, I think I will go back someday.

Career as a civil servant until retirement in 2021, in October 2020 Syafruddin began to get acquainted with painting. Until May 2021 he produced 74 paintings. He made natural scenery, surrounding objects such as places of worship, plants especially orchids, social problems, and events that occurred in various regions as objects and themes of his paintings. Apart from painting, Syafruddin in his spare time also plays guitar and writes poetry.

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia has 24 floors. The 4th floor is the exhibition area and the canteen could be accessed by escalator, the remaining floors should be reached by elevator. So, let's enjoy the solo art exhibition by Syafruddin Nisyam.

Indahnya Anggrek Bulan - The Beauty of the Moon Orchid

Canvas, acrylic

40 x 20 cm

Merak Nan Menggoda - Seductive Peacock

Canvas, acrylic

90 x 80 cm

Hobi Ikan Cupang - Betta Fish Hobby

Canvas, acrylic

40 x 30 cm

Panen Raya - The Harvest

Canvas, acrylic

110 x 70 cm

Indahnya Sakura - Beautiful Sakura

Canvas, acrylic

40 x 30 cm

Ruang Tamu Minimalis - Minimalist Living Room

Canvas, acrylic

80 x 40 cm

Rumah Ayah Ibu - Mom's Daddy's House

Canvas, acrylic

60 x 50 cm

For further information:

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia

Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia


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