National Library of the Republic of Indonesia


This is my first time visiting the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia on Sunday, after previously not being able to visit it on weekends. To visit, please check the updated opening schedule and visit the following website to get a QR-Code.

Remarks :

QR-Code for the queue of visitors to the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia is merely valid on the same day.

Check in and check out can be done at the old building, then continue to the new building which is showing the photos of several Indonesian heroes including Indonesia's first president and vice president. In the center of the building there is also a row of book stacks that rise high up.

If you want to explore the entire area of ​​the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia to avoid the elevators which are always crowded, visitors would be better to visit the 24th floor first, then visit rooms on the lower floors.

View of the National Monument from the 24th Floor

One of the Rare Book Collections on the 14th Floor

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia has 24 floors. The 4th floor is the exhibition area and the canteen could be accessed by escalator then the remaining floors should be reached by elevator.

Here are some floors that I visited as follows; 8th Floor : Audio visual collection service, 14th Floor : Rare book collection service, 16th Floor : Photo, map and painting collection service, 24th Floor : Archipelago cultural collection service & executive lounge.

Turning to the building for the check-in and check-out process, visitors can visit several rooms, including :

Reading Event Room

"Reading is a process carried out and used by readers to get the message conveyed by the author through written language media." - Tarigan.

Library Room

Library Room presents an overview of the library's function as a medium for collecting and managing knowledge.

Library is an institution that manages the collection of written works, printed works, recorded works including digital, professionally with a standard system, in order to meet the educational, research, preservation, information and recreational needs of the users.

The concept of the library itself is divided into 4, namely:

  1. How to Collect

Libraries collect books, magazines, newspapers, maps, manuscripts, tapes, films and other library materials.

  1. How to Organize

Libraries register, catalog, index and organize library materials for easy access by users.

  1. How to Serve

Libraries provide library materials services to meet the needs of the community.

  1. How to Preserve

Libraries preserve intellectual works in various media or library materials.

Script Room

The Aksara Room displays the development of writing in Indonesia which is closely related to the history and civilization of the nation. In its development there is also a process of assimilation with local languages ​​in the archipelago so as to produce a unique form and script system. Until finally Indonesia has a rich diversity of regional script writing traditions such as: Batak, Bugis, Rejang, Lampung, Sundanese, Javanese, Jawi, and many more.

Script History

  1. Wave 1 - Hindu - Buddha Era

  2. Wave 2 - Islam Era

  3. Wave 3 - Europe Era

Archipelago Script

Batak, South Sumatran, Bugis, Old Makassarese, Old Sundanese, and Buddhist scripts are script types that have been adapted to the Indian alphabet system.

Media Room

Media Room presents various types of writing tools and media in Indonesia which are contained in ancient texts of ancestral heritage. Writing media is processed from materials available in the natural environment, such as bamboo, palm leaves, gebang leaves and daluang (original Indonesian writing media materials).

Futuristic Wall

Metal cubes that are arranged as representation of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, which always has a visionary and planned view. The contents of the cube are a summary of the collection of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia.

What form do you see?

For further information:

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia

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