Tio Tjay – Solo Exhibition

 Virtual Exhibition


Tio Tjay was born in Jakarta in 1946. In 1957, he joined in to a community of teen painter; Organisasi Seni Lukis Yin Hua under the lead of Lee Man Fong. In 1967, he traveled and stayed in Sao Paolo and Amazon Brazil, where he kept on painting while attending one exhibition to another. In Brazil, he created a visual formula that assimilates the elements of Indonesia, Amazon, Brazil and China, which is reflected in his unique painting style. He went on the journey for years before going back to Jakarta and lived as a professional artist.


Tio Tjay’s unique pieces were exhibited in various countries from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Brazil to Paraguay. Locally the pieces are appreciated in exhibitions from various cities as well, from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Balikpapan. Tio Tjay has participated in auction houses such as Christie’s, Glerum, Sotheby’s, Larasati, Borobudur, Masterpieces and others.


8 Arwana (2020)

110 x 180 cm - Acrylic on Canvas


Kijang Dipagi Hari (2018)

110 x 180 cm - Oil on Canvas


Women in Red (2019)

110 x 180 cm - Oil on Canvas


Kebun Teh (2020)

120 x 200 cm - Acrylic on Canvas


Beautiful Indonesia (2020)

100 x 130 cm - Acrylic on Canvas


9 Putri bercanda di tepi Sungai (2020)

100 x 150 cm - Arcylic on Canvas


8 Brave Horses (2018)

110 x 160 cm - Oil on Canvas

In this virtual exhibition, artist with full name Tio Hok Tjay that was participated in Sao Paulo National Biennial, displays artworks with objects of humans, animals, and natural scenery. In the artworks displayed, artist uses acrylic and oil paints. Personally I like the most Tio Tjay's artwork with animal objects; arowana fish, deer, and horses. To enjoy all of the artwork in this virtual exhibition, you could watch it at the bottom link of this blog.


For further information:

Andi’s Gallery

Jl. Tanah Abang 4 No. 14, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

WhatsApp : +62815-143-28878


Social Media:

Website: www.andis-gallery.com

Instagram: andisgallery_


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