Art Jakarta Garden 2022

 Temporary Exhibition


Hutan Kota by Plataran 07 – 14 Apr 2022


Sculpture Garden

Presenting Artworks by :

Afdhal – Commisioned work by Kabelindo

Aaron Taylor Kuffner – ISA Art Gallery

Abiebi – Museum of Toys

Adi Gunawan – ArtSerpong Gallery

Anggar Prasetyo – ArtSerpong Gallery

Ashley Bickerton – Gajah Gallery

David James – SAL Project

Dolorosa Sinaga – Façade x Kiniko Art

Dusadee Huntrakul – ROH

Dwi Sasono – D Gallerie

Eddi Prabandono – ISA Art Gallery

Flabslab – Museum of Toys

Gabriel Aries – Rachel Gallery

I Nyoman Nuarta – Linda Gallery

Iwan Suastika – Cgartspace

Jompet Kuswidananto – ISA Art Gallery

Manuel Marin – Hedonist Gallery

Nus Salomo – SAL Project

Robby Dwi Antono – Museum of Toys

Septian Harriyoga – Rachel Gallery

Sunaryo – Bale Project

Uji Hahan Handoko – ROH

Uji Hahan Handoko – Gajah Gallery

Wiyoga Muhardanto – A+ Works of Art

Yunizar – Gajah Gallery


Tent Garden :

Tent A

A1 – Rachel Gallery

A2 – Kohesi Initiatives

A3 – CGartspace

A5 – CAN’S Gallery

A6 – Art Agenda

A7 – Semarang Gallery

A8 – ArtSerpong Gallery

A9 – Artsociates

A10 – SAL Project

A11 – A+ Works of Art

A12 – Facade x Kiniko Art

A15 – Hedonist Gallery

A16 – Gajah Gallery


Tent B

B1 – ISA Art Gallery

B2 – Museum of Toys

B3 – Linda Gallery

B5 – D Gallerie

B6 – ROH

B7 – Gudang Gambar

B8 – Bale Project


Art Jakarta Garden 2022, this time Art Jakarta with the garden theme? The exhibition location will be in the garden? Art Jakarta exhibition always makes me curious and always excited to visit it. What collections are on display at the Art Jakarta exhibition this time? And how is the atmosphere at this exhibition?

Artists Nyoman Nuarta and Dolorosa Sinaga always amazed me and many other art connoisseurs with their extraordinary artworks! Then of course the artworks of the other artists are also very stunning.


The basic black, white, and light blue colors used blend perfectly in Rizal Hasan's artworks. I think Rizal Hasan's artworks are too lovable to pass up. The heart character in the artwork with the title "Semesta" seems to show the artist's feelings. The sentence “You Are Worthy” in the artwork entitled "Kasih" looks simple but meaningful.

Rizal Hasan


Acrylic on Canvas

150 x 150 cm


Rizal Hasan


Acrylic on Canvas

140 x 160 cm



Rizal Hasan


Acrylic on Canvas

140 x 160 cm


When hears the name of Nyoman Nuarta, I will immediately be reminded of his extraordinary artworks. In this exhibition, “Anugerah” and “Love Nest” collections were the two artworks that I saw for the first time. Several years ago I visited NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung. The concept is similar to the Art Jakarta exhibition this time, there are collections that are exhibited indoors and there are also collections that are exhibited in the garden. I always wait for Nyoman Nuarta's next artworks!


Nyoman Nuarta


95 x 38 x 200 cm

Copper & Brass


Nyoman Nuarta

Love Nest

97 x 80 x 106 cm

Copper & Brass


"Thriving" and "Swimming in Prosperity" are collections with animal themes: birds and fish. The artworks are beautiful and feel merge with the nature.


Karte Wardaya


Birds Series

150 x 120 cm

Mixed Media on Canvas



Swimming in Prosperity

Koi Series

150 x 120 cm

Mixed Media on Canvas


Next, let's move on to the collections display in Hutan Kota by Plataran. 2 days before I visited the Indonesian Women Artist #3 exhibition which was held at the National Gallery of Indonesia and there was Dolorosa Sinaga's artwork as well. What do you think of these stunning collections?


Dolorosa Sinaga

Penari Betawi



60 x 60 x 220 cm


Roby Dwi Antono

An Ardent Yearning



H. 150

Edition of 3


Iwan Suastika

The Undefeated Blackbird


Car paint and Fiberglass Resin

45 x 90 x 150 cm


Jompet Kuswidananto

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing #2



200 x 180 x 120 cm


The Art Jakarta Garden 2022 gave me quite a different impression, perhaps due to the exhibition venue. However, Art Jakarta always interesting as usual and always looking forward to visiting the Art Jakarta next year!


For further information :


Lead Partner : Credit Suisse

Cultural Partner : Tumurun Museum

Venue Partner : Hutan Kota by Plataran


Social Media :

Website :

Email :

Facebook : Artjakarta.ID

Instagram : artjakarta


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Personal impression and experience


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