Indonesian Women Artists #3

Temporary Exhibition


Infusions into Contemporary Art


Galeri Nasional Indonesia March 30 – April 24 2022




Bibiana Lee

Dolorosa Sinaga

Dyan Anggraini

Indah Arsyad

Melati Suryodarmo

Mella Jaarsma

Nunung W. S.

Sri Astari Rasjid




Carla Bianpoen

Inda C. Noerhadi

Citra Smara Dewi


The exhibition Infusions into Contemporary Art brings together 10 senior women artists in the ages between 53 and 74. They have been selected based on their insistent consistency in creating art works and spreading creative thoughts that are infusing our artistic horizons in a forward-looking spirit for a better world, while braving ever challenging situations.

The artists are Arahmaiani (born, 1961); Bibiana Lee (1956); Dolorosa Sinaga (1952); Dyan Anggraini (1957); Indah Arsyad (1965); Melati Suryodarmo (1969); Mella Jaarsma (1960); Nunung WS (1948); Titarubi (1968); Sri Astari Rasjid (1953).

While the works of each of these artists have a typical character of their own, a plurality shines through in the diversity of concepts and executions of the works with a plethora of various materials, including traditional as well as advanced technologies. Yet they are all united in a forward-looking spirit for the good of humanity and the world at large.

Some from the beginning have been at the forefront of promoting equality the dignity of men and women, others have highlighted the paths towards a peaceful co-existence, while others have underlined how symbols of ancient myths and legends can be morphed into technological prowess, and yet others have delved into our historical past to reveal the issues and solutions for the present time.

The contemporary works of 10 senior women is a momentum to behold. Not only because of their enduring consistency, but more so because their presence testifies to their ever-changing rejuvenation of infusions into the development of art in Indonesia and their enduring contributions to the contemporary art world, signifying their prowess which must be duly noted in the writing of Indonesian art history.

May you be inspired by the works and the creative minds laid bare in this exhibition.

-Carla Bianpoen l Inda C. Noerhadi l Citra Smara Dewi-


Exhibition with participant of Indonesian Women Artists? This is the second time for me to visit the temporary exhibition with Indonesian Women Artists theme. Which one I like more? I love both exhibitions, each of it has their unique points, however this time exhibition feel different for me.

Sri Astari Rasjid

9 Pearls from Heaven

Acrylic oil on carved wood, synthetic hairs, jewelleries, traditional costumes/fabrics



Melati Suryodarmo


Long durational live performance with wooden table and chair, chalk, cotton, sewing machine, metal strings

5 hours l 2016 – 2022


Indah Arsyad

The Ultimate Breath

Video projection acrylic boxes glass vessels water, sound

6’43” (looped) l 2022


Dyan Anggraini


Pencil and oil on canvas

145 x 125 cm l 2020


Dolorosa Sinaga

Image on a blackboard

Aluminium sticks on wooden panels

5 panels (50 x 50 cm each) l 2016


Dolorosa Sinaga

Life is a long Song (homeage to Jethro Tull)

Aluminium foil, silver-colored fiberglass

49 x 0.9 x 24 cm l 2018


Dance of Freedom

Aluminium foil, silver-colored fiberglass

45 x 13 x 21 cm l 2017


Dance You Life

Aluminium foil, silver-colored fiberglass

45 x 0.7 x 24 cm l 2018


What do you think about this exhibition? Of course I look forward to the next Indonesian Women Artists #4 exhibition.


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