New Hope


Art Xchange Gallery (AXG) held an art exhibition "New Hope" at the National Gallery of Indonesia by displaying 133 works from 30 national and international artists.

This exhibition reflects the hope that a new and bright day will come to replace the dark and difficult times in the midst of pandemics, wars, and various other crises that have hit the world in recent years. 

I Made Santika Putra

Sabda Pertiwi

Used Inner Tires, Fiberglass, Copper & Metal

23 cm x 35 cm x 76 cm



I Made Santika Putra

Missing Motherland’s Affection

Gold Leaf, Stainless Steel, Teak Wood & Concrete

40 cm x 38 cm x 70 cm



Camelia Mitasari Hasibuan

Sang Penakluk Alam

Oil on Canvas

135 cm x 200 cm



Sinisha Kashawelski

Nolite Temporer

Oil on Canvas

180 cm x 130 cm



Sinisha Kashawelski

Statim Surgere

Oil on Canvas

90 cm x 145 cm



R. Sumantri MS

The Deception of Pangeran Diponegoro

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

230 cm x 150 cm



ANA (Ayu Nur Aisyah)

Klenting Blonde

Hardboard Cut on Canvas

98.5 cm x 118.5 cm



Anis Kurniasih


Pencil Ink on Canvas

150 cm x 200 cm



Lini Natalini

Passion and Hope

Metal Aluminum

500 cm x 200 cm



Camelia Mitasari Hasibuan

The Time of Nature (Hour Glass Series)

Oil on Canvas

84 cm x 120 cm



Anis Kurniasih

Persihead Land

Acrylic Ink

Diameter 200 cm



Budi Asih


Acrylic, Colour Pencil & Drawing Ink on Canvas

200 cm x 130 cm



One corner of the space at New Hope exhibition

Various art application media; Paintings, installations of various media to installations resembling ikebana art (without flowers). Beautiful and full of challenges really fit the theme of this New Hope exhibition. One of my favorite for sure “The Deception of Pangeran Diponegoro”, his figure is too strong in every artwork for me.

So, what is your Hope?


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