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Created in Italy An Aptitude for Impossible

Created in Italy - An Aptitude for Impossible exhibition held at the National Gallery of Indonesia building A on 09 March - 06 April 2023. The exhibition featuring the landscape of Italian industry within the framework of cultural and economic promotion and innovation. The exhibition curated by Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, and Francesca Picchi. For further information visit exhibition website on

The Reinvention of Wood

Decorative surfaces of reconstituted wood

Alpi produces decorative surfaces in composite wood thanks to the invention of a manufacturing process. Industrialised by the Alpi family in the early twentieth century, its purpose was to find an affordable alternative to the market of prized species existing in nature and to produce new, environmentally friendly varieties. Alpi breaks down and reconstructs wood in innumerable essences, finishes and decorations using a highly sophisticated process.

The company’s collaboration with designers forms an integral part of its exploration, reinvention and creating of new wood grains. Alpi products are equivalent to a vast deposit, with a gamut of varieties, textures and tones to choose from. 

Lifesaving Design

Smart Jacket, Sea-Guard

Dainese focuses its mission on body and life protection. Its keyword is “safety” and its principal products are “protections”. It is in this light that Lino Dainese, the company’s founder, although operating with a wide margin of invention within the narrow framework of absolutely reliable body protection, explains the starting point of his corporate goal: “We feel closer to medicine than to fashion”.

When the first functional back-protector model made by Dainese, named Aragosta (lobster), saved the spine of racing driver Freddie Spencer after a fall on the Kyalami circuit in 1981, it came as a turning-point in Lino Dainese’s business development. From motorcyclists clothing he switched to protection gear: devices to complete the motorcyclist’s apparel.

Over the years, that safety culture steadily advanced and the firm’s interest in body armour expanded to include new applications such as the protection gear used by the Luna Rossa’s Prada Pirelli Team during the America’s Cup.

U.F.O Unpolluting Flying Objects

Biodegradable latex balloons

Located in the Frosinone countryside, at Casalvieri to be exact, in an area known as the “balloon district”, is Gemar, a company that has been making latex balloons since 1902, now perfectly biodegradable. Gemar, with its coloured balloons, bear witness to the variety of Italian industrial districts. It seems incredible that Italy can also boast the European record in the production of this type of manufacture. At the rate of six millions a day, Gemar continues to make the “Italian Balloons” sold worldwide in more than 100 shapes, size and bright colours.

New Shapes of Sound

Flexible Anakonda snake speaker

Italy has a number of important sound engineering district, where small and medium firms have sprung up from the initiatives of engineers and musicians driven by the need to meet specific acoustic and sound reproduction requirements. K-Array, one of the most interesting enterprises in this field, designed Anakonda, a flexible, windable, crush-resistant and modular speaker. It can be considered the first “folding” speaker in the history of sound diffusion.

Engineered Wood

Frida Chair, design Odo Fioravanti

The chair won the 2011 Compasso d’Oro prize “for its simple sculptural beauty”. This design exploits the qualities of a new process to create complex bends and thin surfaces combined with a heartwood structure.

Infinite Pasta Shapes

Inserts for the production of miscellaneous shapes and sizes: from the more traditional to fancy formats like those dedicated to the tale of Pinocchio (associated with the fact that the company’s historic headquarters is situated near Collodi, the place that gave its name to the author of the world’s best –loved Italian story).

Technological Supercar Trimming

Moulded aluminium automotive components

M15 Bonnet, Maserati Ghibli Trofeo, aluminium (165.7x180x40 cm), made by Fontana Group. The cold-moulded aluminium bonnet is the distinctive feauture of the fastest Maserati sedan. Its air inlet dusts enhance an “aggressive” design while cooling the most powerful engine on the market, Fontana Group is supremely expert in the refinement and production of aerodynamic forms to express the most advanced performances.


Are there any other Italian inventions you'd like to tell us about?


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