Paris van Java as the Flower City

What would you do if you were given a short break before a big event? The short escape (trip) that the first thing crossed in my mind at that time. Due to the short time I finally made a choice on a relatively close destination. Merely about three hours by car will arrive in Bandung. NuArt Sculpture Park and the Asian-African Conference Museum became my choice for the itinerary.

NuArt Sculpture Park

Located at the northern part of Bandung in West Java, NuArt Sculpture Park was first opened to the public in 2000. Like its name, NuArt Sculpture Park primarily exhibits the works of the sculptor Nyoman Nuarta that spans from the beginning of his career to the latest masterpieces.

Believing in the essential purpose of freedom and open society without ignoring the role of nature and the environment, NuArt is a space that accepts differences and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, class, or creed.

NuArt plans to have at least four significant exhibitions throughout each programming year. Furthermore, there is a park with street theatre where it could programme a series of dance, music, and theatre performances. Shaped in an amphitheatre look, the street theatre can hold up to 300 audiences.

Unfortunately, due to another promise with Korean friend I should have missed to visit Laxmi Restaurant, Copper and Brass, and Craft Boutique in NuArt Sculpture Park area.

Collections in Lobby Area


Several NuArt Sculpture Park's Collections, as follows:

The Asian-African Conference Museum

The Asian-African Conference held in Bandung on 18-24 April 1955. Became a very important event in the history of Indonesian foreign policy. Since the conference was held merely ten years after Indonesia announced its independence. Within a short time, Indonesians had their courage to propose as the host for such an important international conference. The most important thing was that the conference ended successfully in formulating common concerns and in preparing operational guidance for cooperation among Asian African nations, as well as in creating world order and world peace.

The Asian-African Conference Museum was inaugurated by President Soeharto on 24th April 1980 as the culmination of the 25th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference.

The Asian-African Conference Museum has a permanent exhibition room, which exhibits collections of three-dimensional objects and documentary photos of the Tugu Meeting, Colombo Conference, and Asian-African Conference. Then there is also a library and audiovisual room as the supporting facilities.

One of The Asian-African Conference Museum’s Collection

Really can't wait to make another short escape (trip).

For further information:

NuArt Sculpture Park

Jalan Setra Duta Raya No. L6

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40151 

+6222-201-7812 / +6222-201-7816 / +6222-202-0414

Social Media:


Instagram: nuartpark

Museum of the Asian-African Conference

Jalan Asia Afrika No. 65, Bandung 40111


Social Media:



Instagram: asiafricamuseum


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